Using plant plugs and live stakes is an easy vegetation method to use with the GroWall system. Simply sandwich the roots of the plant in-between the GroWall bags and watch it grow. The great part about plant plugs is that they can be installed either during or after installation. Here are some quick and easy tips to help you vegetate with plant plugs and live stakes.

Tip #1: Planting During Installation

To install live plantings during installation, you will need to have the plants on hand and ready to go when you begin building the system. As you lay a row of bags and compact it down, wet the bags until they are saturated. This will provide proper moisture to your growing plants. Once the bags are wet, you will then lay 1-2 plant plugs per bag.

The best way method is to place the plant roots on top of the bag, with a handful of soil around the roots, and have the green plant material sticking out from the face of the wall. Once all the plants are laid out, you can place your spikes and begin laying the next row of bags. Continue this pattern until all the rows are in place. Once finished, your entire system has been installed, watered, and vegetated!

Tip #2: Planting After Installation

If you choose to plant after the wall has been installed, start by making sure to water the entire system. Once the bags are saturated you can work your way down the rows and insert 1-2 plants per bag. The key is to sandwich the plants in-between the bags, DO NOT CUT THE BAGS. It is easiest to use a crowbar or leveraging tool to help you lift the bag to insert the plant material. You are inserting the plant roots with a handful of soil in-between the bags. The green plant material should stick out from the face of the wall. Once you have gone through and inserted plant material in-between all the rows you are finished!

Tip #3: Do Not Cut the Bags

We do not recommend cutting into the bags to insert plant material. We have found that by cutting the bags, it is easier for rain and water to siphon away bag-fill. Also, the cuts can be ripped further by tools and animals. It is best to keep the bag intact and only insert plant material in-between the bags.

Tip #4: Combination of Seed and Live Plantings

We have seen many projects have great success by combining methods and using live plantings and hydroseeding. Something to keep in mind when debating vegetation methods.

Tip #5: Ensure Proper Timing and Care 

Make sure that you choose plants that are the right fit for the location, and you know how to care for them. It is important to consider soil type, sunlight, local habitat, and watering when choosing plant species.

Tip #6: Do Not Burn Vegetation

Do not burn any native vegetation that grows on the GroWall system. The bags are flammable.