Natural & Living Retaining Walls: Riprap Alternative, Raised Gardens

Shoreline erosion can be a challenging and costly battle. GroWall’s shoreline protection kits offer a green alternative to coir logs, rip rap, or hard armoring. These planted retaining wall kits are ideal for DIY installations along the edges of ponds, lakes, streams, or any place where water meets land. In addition to the engineered strength of the GroWall system, Pond & Shoreline Protection Kits include patented stabilizer strips to help secure the system against wave action, ice, and debris.

GroWall’s planted retaining wall system is perfect for ponds, shorelines, and other areas of low to medium water energy. For high water energy areas, GroWall can be combined with hard armoring for a vegetative buffer or used above the water level to encapsulate the shoreline and reduce erosion.


  • Do NOT cut the bags to insert plant material.
  • Installation is recommended during low water levels or times with no wake.
  • Purchaser is responsible for all permitting, and approvals required in your location.
Raised Garden Bed

NATURAL Raised Garden BedS

Looking for a unique alternative for your raised garden beds? GroWall gives you the flexibility to create any shape with soft curves or straight lines and without the need for complex tools or construction experience.

Wooden systems may cost less on paper, but factor in tedious yearly maintenance and the short lifetime of lumber when exposed to constant moisture and elements, you will realize GroWall is a cost-effective, lifetime solution that gets stronger with age.

GroWall’s vegetative raised planter system offers a clean, simple look that is easy to maintain. Take your garden to the next level and take advantage of the vertical space on your raised planter bed by adding annual or perennial edibles, herbs, or pest deterring plants. For a clean, simple, and easy to maintain look, use succulents, sedums, or groundcovers like vinca, ivy, or ajuga.


  • Do NOT cut the bags to insert plant material.
Retaining Walls

PLANTED Retaining Walls

Living Retaining Walls

GroWall makes building planted retaining walls for natural garden beds, shorelines, and ponds simple for any homeowner. GroWall provides a permanent vegetative solution for decorative or structural retaining walls.

Our planted retaining wall system is perfect for window wells, grade transitions at walk-out basements, culvert embankments, and more!

Unlike stone, concrete, and wood, there is no need for footings, foundations, or extensive drainage systems. Create terraces, curves, and straight lines without the need for cutting or purchasing special tools. The specialized connection system provides strength for walls up to 3 feet tall.

Need a taller wall? GroWall offers reinforced kits with our patented stabilizer strips allowing single walls up to 4 feet tall or terraced walls up to 6 feet tall. Walls can be constructed at a 1:1 slope to nearly vertical.

After construction is finished, make your outdoor living space the talk of the neighborhood by adding your own personal touch with any variety of grasses, flowers, groundcovers, sedum mats, or even sod on the vertical faces of the wall.

Looking to soften the look of a hardscape wall? Choose one of our smaller bag kits and bring your already existing wall to life with our vegetated solution.


  • Do NOT cut the bags to insert plant material.
  • If your wall will be taller then 3′, be sure to include the stabilizer strips between rows/courses

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GroWall kits by Envirolok are sold through Envirolok and Agrecol Native Plant Nursery. We work together to answer your questions, help find the perfect solutions, and give you the guidance you need to get started on building your own stunning natural retaining wall for raised gardens, shoreline protection, and more!!

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