What is GroWall

What is GroWall?

GroWall by Envirolok is a vegetated, earthen retaining wall system that serves as a sustainable alternative to stone retaining walls and typical shoreline riprap. GroWall is simple to install, easy to permit, and designed for DIY installations, small-scale landscape design, and home projects.

The non-woven geotextile bags permanently encapsulate the soil for maximum stability, creating a vegetated earth retaining wall that will look great and last for years. The one-of-a-kind connection system provides strength, making the entire system stable and durable. The GroWall bag system allows roots to grow through the bags and lock into the soil beneath, making it as strong as the typical mechanically stabilized earth wall. Then, your own selection of plants will create a beautiful, fully vegetated project that will stand the test of time.

The GroWall bag is designed for homeowners who are looking to create a one-of-a-kind project. GroWall is designed to weigh 45-55 lbs once filled, making it easy to lift, carry, and place during home installation.

Do you have a large home project that will require a contractor to install? If so, check out our Envirolok bags.

GroWall Applications

Pond and Shoreline
Raised Gardens

How does it Work?

The steps are simple. Once you have the design for your project in place, it is time to purchase the GroWall kit. Depending on project type and size there are different kit sizes to meet your needs. The GroWall bags will be empty when shipped to your house and will need to be filled on-site. Once you have your kit and the necessary supplies, you are ready for installation.

Once the bags are filled, dig a small trench, place the connection pins, lay the bags, compact, and repeat. GroWall is designed for easy installation so that anyone can complete these home projects without complicated instructions or time-consuming labor. For more detailed instructions on how to build one of our vegetated retaining wall systems, head to our Applications page.

One of the best parts about the GroWall system is that vegetation will grow through the bags, locking your structure into place and creating a truly unique feature. Whether you include vegetation during installation or add it once the project is complete, the GroWall system will give you a living feature that allows you to vegetate however you choose.


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We recommend a mix of 60% sand and 40% topsoil which can easily be sourced in your local area from greenhouses, hardware stores, or landscaping companies.

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We recommend a tape measure, shovel, hand tamper, hard rake, safety glasses, and contractor bucket.


Select your vegetation and have it ready to go during installation. Depending on whether you vegetate while you’re building or after, it will be helpful to have it on hand and ready to go during installation.

About Envirolok

Envirolok is family-owned company built on the principles of small business. We manufacture all components in North America. Envirolok started as a manufacturer of geobag systems, utilizing the industry standard and over the past 20 years we have continued to perfect and lead the standard for geobag systems. With Envirolok being such a success, we wanted to create a product for homeowners so they could complete their very own geobag projects, thus GroWall was born. The same high quality and materials as Envirolok but designed to be slightly smaller and easier for homeowners to install themselves, making this the perfect product for DIYers.

About GroWall and Envirolok

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GroWall kits by Envirolok are sold through Envirolok and Agrecol Native Plant Nursery. We work together to answer your questions, help find the perfect solutions, and give you the guidance you need to get started on building your own stunning natural retaining wall for raised gardens, shoreline protection, and more!!

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